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The Wolf Experiments A Science Fiction Novel

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About This Book

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you awakened one morning and found that you remembered nothing of your life? Maybe you like to entertain whimsical ideas such as deciding it would be better to be deaf instead of blind; or that you could live without your right arm instead of your left. Fifteen year old Alex often entertained strange ideas until one day she awakens in a hospital bruised and broken from a terrible accident with no recall of how she was injured or of anything else in her life. She soon learns that she is orphaned and her new mysterious guardian is taking her to a special place to rebuild her life. It almost sounds too good to be true—sounds like a happy ending. If she has any misgivings, it might be caused from the gruesome nightmares that plague her sleep night after night or of the sinister man who haunts her dreams—or maybe it’s the fact that below the building where she lives, someone created something horrible there. Alex’s voice is strangely absent as she strategically begins to recreate her memory. Her new friends seem to have their own mysterious origins and conceal events of her life and theirs. And now, her new home is troubled—her home in the valley. The valley is a large biosphere where wolves run rampant, where the once extinct horse flourishes, where the epicenter of her hope seems to establish it isn’t the magical place it’s suppose to be. And outside those walls, the world decays beneath high levels of radiation, food is scarce, and mankind withers with disease to nothingness. Wolves are immune to the destructive force that plagues the planet, and as they gain in strength and numbers, a new hierarchy is created.